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20230222 - Main Menu Live - Humanware and the Victor Reader Stream 3, plus IAC planning for the next ACB Convention.

February 22, 2023

In the first hour we talk with HumanWare all about the new Victor Reader Stream 3. It is now shipping so we get the absolute latest from the company and

most importantly we get your questions answered. We will take as much time as HumanWare will give us so this may spill into the second hour.

The Information Access Committee is working on plans for a very ambitious project for this year’s national convention. We give you a sneak peek into what the committees thinking is and how you will play a role in that process. To give it away, you are crucial!

Microsoft has released (in a public preview) their new version of Bing. We describe to you what is going on here with Bing, why you might be interested in trying it out and how to sign up for the new service. We will also give it a spin on the show and share with you some interesting things that Bing’s AI capabilities might reveal …