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20240327 - Main Menu Live presents all things Groups.IO.

March 28, 2024

This week on Main Menu Live we bring together major portions of the communication teams across ACB to talk with all of you all about Groups.IO in a comprehensive two-hour presentation. Members of the Board of Publications, ACB’s ACB Media team, Blind Information Technology Specialists and others will join us to talk all about Groups. IO. We will answer some questions like the following:

list of 7 items • What is Groups.IO? • In what ways can you obtain all of your communication from the platform (email, rss, web, ETC). • Learn how to manage the vast amounts of email communication you receive from the platform. • Find out about your Groups.IO account, a vital and necessary tool to know how to manage and configure. • Learn about digest modes, no mail, special notices and so much more about the type and ways that mail is delivered. • Find out how the management of spam can impact your Groups.IIO experience. • Do you use iCloud or Gmail for your mail provider? Come learn why you need to be aware of specific things with this email providers. list end

This is just a portion of the content we will discuss at length. We will demonstrate the effective use of your browser with Groups.IO and how you may even want to accomplish this with Gmail’s web interface. The options are truly endless on ways that you can truly engage.

Here is the current outline (it is still being adjusted before the presentation) but it should give you a full understanding of where this presentation is headed.

We hope to achieve all of this content in two hours but if we don’t we will continue it in subsequent presentations.

Here is the current outline:

Using Groups.IO with ACB Email Lists Agenda list of 16 items • Introduction • What Is Groups.IO? • Advantages of Groups.IO • Domains for ACB Lists and Affiliate Lists • Advantages of reading lists with your browser • Required Screen Reader Skills list of 4 items nesting level 1 ◦ Working with collapsed menus ◦ Reading tables ◦ Finding specific information ◦ Skipping unwanted information list end nesting level 1 • Email Lists list of 6 items nesting level 1 ◦ Joining a group by email ◦ Responding to a “Confirm your subscription” message from ◦ Responding to an invitation to join a group ◦ Receiving a notice that you have been added to a group ◦ Joining a publicly listed group through the group’s website ◦ Joining Subgroups list end nesting level 1 • Creating an account list of 6 items nesting level 1 ◦ Logging in to your Account list of 3 items nesting level 2 ▪ Logging in with a Password ▪ Logging in without a Password ▪ Logging in with Facebook or Google. list end nesting level 2 ◦ Account Settings list of 5 items nesting level 2 ▪ Changing your Email address and Password. ▪ Setting your default Text Editor ▪ Getting copies of your own Messages ▪ Enabling Two-Factor Authentication ▪ Handling Bounces in your Account list end nesting level 2 ◦ The opening page ◦ The page for a specific group ◦ Reading message threads ◦ Replying and using the message editor list end nesting level 1 • Using Outlook, ThunderBird and Email Clients • Using Gmail to read your Group Email • Configuring Email Delivery Options list of 5 items nesting level 1 ◦ Individual Messages ◦ Digest Modes ◦ Special Notices ◦ No Email ◦ Responding to removal due to Spam list end nesting level 1 • Defining Group Signatures • Controlling the volume of email messages you receive from a group • Leaving a Group list of 2 items nesting level 1 ◦ Leaving a subgroup ◦ Be careful to not remove yourself from Main list end nesting level 1 • Warning on Email Providers • Contacting Groups.IO Support list end