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20230927 - Main Menu Live - Apple and IOS 17 updates.

September 28, 2023

Hello Everyone, Join John, Larry and I along with a number of guests as we dive deep into all things tech this month: Finally, Microsoft has released a major update to Windows 11 this week. It has all kinds of accessibility improvements along with other user experience changes that we will discuss. The big change is the new Copilot feature. Think of it like ChatGPT but baked into Windows. We give it a spin during the show and we give you our thoughts on its future.

  • Apple has been busy with hardware releases, operating system changes and so much more. We have had some time with iOS 17 and some have even had time with the new iPhone 15. We share all of the details with you during the first hour of Main Menu Live. Most importantly are your questions about all of this. Some phones are heating up as most of you are cooling down in the beginning of Fall. The new Action Button is all the craze as well so we talk about the implications this has from an accessibility perspective for new iPhone purchasers.

Next we talk briefly about the Amazon announcements. Was this a big year for Amazon and what about the future of Alexa devices? We make some guesses on next steps that have all of us just wondering where they will take the technology moving forward.