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20240424 - Main Menu Live - Samuel Greene, discusses the Zoom Essential digital Recorders. Amos Miller, Glidance Founder and CEO, discusses Glide.

April 24, 2024

Main Menu Live welcomes Samuel Greene, Product Specialist -Development at Zoom Corp., to discuss the very popular Zoom Essential digital Recorders. These recorders are accessible and have 32 bit float. Tune in to see exactly what all that means.

In the second hour, Main Menu welcomes Amos Miller, Glidance Founder and CEO, to discuss Glide, the first self-guided mobility aid designed to help individuals with sight loss navigate the world with ease. A groundbreaking leap in assistive technology, Glide combines cutting-edge navigational robotics and AI to provide you with an intuitive and comfortable guided experience. Using real-time data from an array of advanced sensors, Glide autonomously steers the way. It maps the best routes, identifies targets of interest, and avoids obstacles to get you safely to your destination.

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