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20230517 - Main Menu Live - Be My Eyes and Web Accessibility the IAC way.

May 18, 2023

In the first hour we bring on Mike from Be My Eyes. We hear from him all about the latest innovation happening with AI and accessibility as we celebrate

Global Accessibility Awareness Day this week. Be My Eyes will also be at the national convention this year so you will hear even more from them later this summer. We encourage everyone to come with questions as we want this to be driven by you today to ensure you get all of your questions answered.

In the second hour we talk all about a number of technology topics. These include:

list of 5 items • The Information Access Committee has finalized its plans for the convention and we share all! It’s all about empowering you the audience to advocate for better web accessibility! Come learn more. • We focus on how AI is shaping the world around us as we talk with Brian from Tuesday Topics (he is also joining us in the first hour). • Jeff is moving back to Arizona and as a part of that trip it is time to consider what technology he brings back with him and what technology he discards. Brian, Larry and John will have a lively discussion about this topic. The conservative part of Jeff may not be happy with Brian’s suggestion