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January 28, 2021

main Menu Live 27 Jan 2021 Saqib Shaikh from Microsoft and Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell of Pneuma Solutions

This month on Main Menu Live we have two fun-filled hours of great technology talk.

In the first hour we bring Saqib Shaikh from Microsoft on to talk with us all about Seeing A I and their new World channel. The Seeing A I team describes this new channel this way: The new World channel, available on devices with a LiDAR scanner running iOS 14, enables you to explore an unfamiliar space in 3D, using spatial audio. When wearing headphones, you will hear objects around you announced from their location in the room. You can also find a particular object by placing an audio beacon on it. Come learn about the other channels that make up Seeing A I and find out all about this new World channel. Download Seeing A I from the iOS App Store. Next we turn to something that all of us have gotten used to in the past year, that being online meetings. In the second hour we hear from Pneuma Solutions, formally Serotek Corporation, with a new product that brings some innovative technology for online meetings, that being Scribe. Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell describe Scribe this way: The Quickest, Most Accurate Digital Document Remediation Product on the Market for as Low as $0.99 per Page. It’s the only hands-off remediation process eliminating individual document quote requests, providing accessible documents straight from your workflow to the end reader in just seconds. This is truly scratching the surface on what their platform is bringing to the accessibility community. Come find out how their product will make Zoom meetings an even stronger platform and an even more inclusive one at that with their Scribe for Meetings solution. What is Scribe for Meetings? As the world continues to move to a virtual environment, you need an affordable solution that guarantees full access to everyone in your audience. The goal is to make the on-screen content in your online meetings and webinars accessible to print-impaired participants in as easy a manner as possible. Come learn more from Mike and Matt as we get updates from their new company.