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May 29, 2020

Main Menu 29 May 2020 Vispero. Eric Damery, TPG, ElBraille

Main Menu for Fri, 29 May 2020 00:00:00 -0400

We bring to you a special, two-hour Main Menu show this week! We are pleased to announce that ACB Radio's call-in technology program, Main Menu Live, has returned to ACB Radio Mainstream! Wednesday at 8:00 PM Eastern, we presented two hours with Vispero. Eric Damery joined us first giving us updates on all software products at Freedom Scientific. Next, Ryan and others joined us to talk about all things TPG. What do they do? Learn about techniques for explaining web accessibility and how can you tell a web site or app is accessible? We also talk about the struggles We Face In A Covid-19 World. Finally, Ron Miller joins us to talk all about the ElBraille. Units have started to ship to customers so we talk with some customers and Ron will fill us in on this exciting new device and where it fits in your technology world! Join the Main Menu Live team and the team at Vispero to hear all about the company and the latest technology inventions they are bringing to all of us! Main Menu airs on ACB Radio Mainstream beginning every Friday evening at 9PM, repeating various times throughout the week. To listen and see a full schedule, go to You can also listen using ACB Link for Android or iOS or find it in your favorite podcast app.