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Main Menu Live 01 Oct 2020 Major Announcements and some Guidance in Your Life

October 1, 2020

Episode Notes

Coming up this evening on Main Menu Live we have a number of things to talk with all of you about:

Podcasts, Podcasts and more podcasts! Yes, we have exciting things to mention about this space and we will share more at the event! We think all of you will be very excited about the changes! It is all about looking back and looking forward! AIRA returns to Main Menu to bring us updates in the service and how they are helping everyone as we all work and play at home. Is AIRA right for you? Come find out about no promotions and exciting announcements from the AIRA team! The Information Access Committee is now leading the charge for the Main Menu Live program. We bring the team together for all of you to meet them and most importantly we want to hear from all of you about what topics you want covered by the show and committee. Come with your ideas, suggestions and anything else you want to bring to the table for the committee and the show.

Coming up in October on Main Menu Live, Freedom Scientific joins us to talk about the JAWS 2021 release. Spread the word about that!