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May 24, 2019

Main Menu 24 May 2019 Outlook for iOS, Dystopia, new apps, FIA at Comvention

What are we gonna talk about this week? No, we don't ask that before every Main Menu episode but this week we did and the whirlwind of apps and great advice is the result. From Outlook for iOS to Dystopia, we cover some cool apps with new looks and some new apps that are just flat out cool. Then we talk Android. Jason takes a look at what's coming up for Friends In Art at this year's national convention as well. There's something for everyone!

May 10, 2019

Main Menu 10 May 2019 Microsoft One Note

Microsoft One Note
April 26, 2019

Main Menu 26 Apr 2019 eltrinex 12 Pro digital recorder, Voice Dream Scanner/Reader

The Main Menu Team is always on the hunt for Information but Information is an elusive creature requiring some really slick hunting gear. This week Randy and Jenine have that gear though. Randy demonstrates the eltrinex 12 Pro digital recorder, capturing some amazing sounds. Jenine shows you the hot new app Voice Dream Scanner and how it works with your favorite Voice Dream Reader app. You won't want to miss our adventures!
April 12, 2019

Main Menu 12 Apr 2019 Ribbon in Office On Line suite

This week we feature another in the Microsoft Accessibility Webinar series. The Microsoft Team explores changes to the Ribbon in the Office On Line suite that makes it easier to use. Then, look out! Jason has a new phone and he's got a cool link to give you even more info at
March 29, 2019

Main Menu 29 Mar 2019 UniDescription, CSUN and the Apple Keynote

ACB's UniDescription, CSUN and the Apple Keynote are featured on this week's epsiode of Main Menu.
March 15, 2019

Main Menu 15 Mar 2019 Magnifier and Low Vision Features in Windows 10

Sizing, colors, magnification and screen reading, you get to learn about all of them from the Accessibility Learning Webinar Series: Magnifier and Low Vision Features in Windows 10. Thanks to our friends at Microsoft we bring you this second in a series of webinars about the many accessibility features within Windows that you might not know about.
March 1, 2019

Main Menu 01 Mar 2019 Amazon, Google, Siri - how ACB Radio gets its skills, headphones, field recorders

This week your Main Menu crew gather around our Oblong tech table to talk skills! You might want to turn off the ears of any nearby digital assistants as we'll be talking Amazon, Google and even a little Siri this week. Learn just how ACB Radio gets its skills, plus what is new in our tech lives from headphones to field recorders and oh so much more. You have been warned!
February 8, 2019

Main Menu 08 Feb 2019 Windows Narrator, ACB news

Did you miss the Microsoft Accessibility Learning Webinar Narrator 101? Never fear! Main Menu comes to your rescue this week. We bring you the first in a series of webinars from Microsoft about the many features of Narrator. So if you've been considering trying it as your Windows screen reader, listen up. Plus we bring you some news from ACB and the world of technology.
January 25, 2019

Main Menu 25 Jan 2019 iOS Access for All by Shelly Brisbin, electronic publishing, her career in tech and podcasting

Just when you thought 2019 was getting boring, we crank up the volume and bring on the stars! This week Shelly Brisbin joins us under the Main Menu Disco Ball as we talk about her latest book, iOS Access for All. Shelly shares some of her inside knowledge of the electronic publishing world, her career in tech and podcasting along with the wealth of resources contained in her book. To learn more, check out her sample chapter and table of contents, plus much more exciting stuff at
January 11, 2019

Main Menu 11 Jan 2019 Dexcom Glucometer, Simply Safe home security system

The Dexcom Glucometer and the Simply Safe home security system are featured on this episode of Main Menu.