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20220928 - Main Menu Live - Envision Glasses with Bob Roehm, Manager Envision Technologies - and Chris Hofstader, Amanda Carson and Keri Swendsen who represent World Blind Herald, a unique online publication.

September 28, 2022

During the first hour Main Menu welcomes Bob Roehm, Manager Envision Technologies, to discuss the Envision AI system including glasses and app.

Bob will introduce the Envision Technologies AI system. He will compare this system to other assistive technology devices and discuss the components of the system and how the features can help the VI community.

During the second hour we present Chris Hofstader, Amanda Carson and Keri Swendsen who represent World Blind Herald, a new and unique online publication about all aspects of blindness and blind people. It will be going live on January 4, 2023 and this is their first public announcement of the project. World Blind Herald is not affiliated with any blindness agency and its two primary themes are that not all blind people share the same values and that the blind community is not homogeneous. Thus, WBH will publish as broad a set of subjects about blindness as possible.

20220727 - Main Menu Live - Eric Damery, plus the new AIRA Desktop Solution, and the newly released RIM 3.0 product that is in public beta.

July 27, 2022

Join the Main Menu Live team as we remotely go where all have gone before, even out on the outer RIM of technology. In the first hour we salute Eric Damery of Vispero who is retiring after 28 years of spectacular service to so many Vispero JAWS users.

We also present AIRA to talk with us all about the new AIRA Desktop solution among other topics. Matt and Michael join us in the second hour to talk about the newly released RIM 3.0 product that is in public beta. Come find out about this exciting solution that will allow you to remotely control other people's computers, even if they don't have a screen reader installed.

20220427 - Main Menu Live Michael Lauf about Windows Software.

April 28, 2022

Michael Lauf will talk about the new LaufWare website.

We'll also hear a recorded presentation from Tek Talk by Ron Miller about Kindle using both Jaws and Braille.

20220330 - Main Menu Live 2022 CSUN.

March 31, 2022

Join the Main Menu Live team as we gather technology experts who attended CSUN and share all we learned at the event. This includes braille; in-door navigation; and so much more.

Sponsored by Information Access Committee

20220223 - Main Menu Live David Kingsbury and the IAC Committee on technology and the ACB Convention -2000.

February 24, 2022
# In the first hour of Main Menu Live, we welcome David Kingsbury, an Assistive Technology Instructor at The Carroll Center for the Blind in Massachusetts, to discuss his new book entitled “The Windows Screen Reader Primer: All the Basics and More”. It is a free book, and we dive deep into its creation and content. In the second hour, we talk all about new Windows 11 Insider features, including all-new natural voices and more. Finally, the Information Access Committee joins all of you to talk all about what is coming up at this year’s annual convention.

20220126 -Main Menu Live - Dan Clark of and new time Radio Drama - 2000.

January 26, 2022

This month on Main Menu Live we turn our eyes to Windows 11 as well as a panel discussion during the second hour.

In this evening's segment we catch up with Dan Clark, recently retired from Freedom Scientific/Vispero. Dan is a former dealer of assistive technology and long time JAWS trainer. We'll discuss his newly launched web site, "dSurf, the digital surf for accessibility," and the free training materials he has begun to offer. These include lessons on custom JAWS preferences and settings as well as his most recent training, "Windows 11 with JAWS," with ten new lessons available. Dan will share how to access the resources available, including:

  • Lesson plans, vocabulary lists, and ancillary documentation for teachers
  • YouTube videos (including playlists and links for video headings)
  • MP3 audio
  • Lesson text and transcripts Dan will also share his thoughts about the coming year and looks forward to learning about your needs and desires for new training.

Contact information for dSurf Email: [email protected] Web: YouTube: Twitter: @dSurfDan Skype: dan.clark.trainer LinkedIn:

We are honored to inform you that we have a second guest lined up for this evenings Main Menu Live.

How many of you enjoy old time radio or modern radio dramas?

Come tune in during the second hour of Main Menu Live to here all about the new Story More service for the blind. You can think of it like the audio version of Netflix. Come learn more as Tanya tells else all about it during the show today.

20211027 Main Menu Live - Eric Damery on the release of JAWS, Zoom Text, and Fusion 2022 -2000.

October 27, 2021
# This month on Main Menu Live, it is JAWS upgrade time. Eric Damery from Vispero will reveal all that is new with JAWS 2022. In the second hour, we continue with an open forum and will highlight iOS 15, Windows 11, and updates from the Information Access Committee. Your questions are welcome.

20210929 - Main Menu Live - The IRS, and WanderWord, a look at Audio Gaming. 200003.

September 29, 2021
# The Information Access Committee will talk about how the IRS can help you, followed by a presentation about audio games and other content from Wanderword.

Main Menu Live April 28, 2021It's all about getting moving with accessible fitness equipment. Peloton and Concept. 2 devices and On-The-Muv.

April 29, 2021
# The Main Menu Live team will be discussing accessible fitness equipment. Getting up and getting moving is a theme throughout the year within ACB. In the first hour, Michael and Satauna come to talk with all of us about Peloton and Concept 2 devices. Peloton has some built-in accessibility features that make it easier for a blind cyclist to participate in their fitness classes. We will learn all about their bikes and accompanying software products. Satauna will row in to tell us about getting moving on her rowing machine and other devices that are accessible on the iPhone. In the second hour, we hear all about the On-the-Muv mechanical treadmill.

main Menu Live 2021-03-31 IAC Convention Preview and Clubhouse.

April 1, 2021

Main Menu Live:

Please join us for two hours of technology talk. In the first hour we will talk all things Club House. It is a platform that is changing the culture and shape of how ACB communicates. Come learn more about this platform and the plans for it moving forward. In the second hour we focus on the Information Access Committee and take your questions. We outline all of the activities at the national convention this summer. Come learn about the multiple presentations we will hold and learn more about how the committee can help all of us.