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June 24, 2020

Main Menu 24 Jun 2020 Larry Skutchan from the American Printing House

Main Menu Live, which aired on Wednesday, June 24, is proud to present Larry Skutchan from the American Printing House for the Blind. Two new braille products are available, or will soon be, from APH, those being the Mantis Q40(tm) and the Chameleon 20(tm). How do these products fit in our lives? Whether you are a professional, a student or just needing a braille device for home and leisure, come and find out if these devices might meet your needs. Come and learn more and get your questions answered directly from the team that lead the effort for both products. How do these displays compare to other offerings in the market and where might they be going in the future? Join the Main Menu Live team and others for a lively discussion. We can't escape this show without talking about the big WWDC announcements about the future of Apple devices. We will clue you in on our first impressions and what we think. To give it away, wait to install the beta <smile>. In addition, we want to hear from you about Main Menu Live. In the second hour we will hear from former hosts of the show and a founding member of ACB Radio. Most importantly, we want to hear from you so please do join us! We want to hear from you about who you would like to see on Main Menu Live or what topics you would like addressed. We will pull back the curtain on the show and fill you in on where we see the show going and how all of you will play a pivotal role in moving it forward.

May 29, 2020

Main Menu 29 May 2020 Vispero. Eric Damery, TPG, ElBraille

We bring to you a special, two-hour Main Menu show this week! We are pleased to announce that ACB Radio's call-in technology program, Main Menu Live, has returned to ACB Radio Mainstream! Wednesday at 8:00 PM Eastern, we presented two hours with Vispero. Eric Damery joined us first giving us updates on all software products at Freedom Scientific. Next, Ryan and others joined us to talk about all things TPG. What do they do? Learn about techniques for explaining web accessibility and how can you tell a web site or app is accessible? We also talk about the struggles We Face In A Covid-19 World. Finally, Ron Miller joins us to talk all about the ElBraille. Units have started to ship to customers so we talk with some customers and Ron will fill us in on this exciting new device and where it fits in your technology world! Join the Main Menu Live team and the team at Vispero to hear all about the company and the latest technology inventions they are bringing to all of us! Main Menu airs on ACB Radio Mainstream beginning every Friday evening at 9PM, repeating various times throughout the week. To listen and see a full schedule, go to You can also listen using ACB Link for Android or iOS or find it in your favorite podcast app.
May 15, 2020

Main Menu 15 May 2020 Main Menu Birthday, Mosen

This week we continue with the month long birthday celebration of Main Menu. We'll hear the last hour, part 2, of the very first Main Menu show with Jonathan Mosen which was heard on April 10, 2000. Next week, we'll do a special 2 hour live Main Menu broadcast. Stay tuned for more information about that program. We'll also take your comments about Main Menu over the last 20 years. You can call in live or record your comments for potential broadcast during that show. Write to us at MainMenu [at] And, there is so much new material that we did not get to, that we are planning week 5 which will air on May 29. So, please stay tuned and watch these lists for more information as the time draws near. Main Menu airs every Friday evening at 9PM Eastern on ACB Radio Mainstream, repeating various times throughout the week. For a full schedule and to listen online, . You can also find it in your favorite podcast client or listen on the phone by calling (605) 475-8130.
May 8, 2020

Main Menu 08 May 2020 Main Menu Birthday, Mosen

Main Menu 20th Anniversary Celebration - Week 2 This week we continue with the month long birthday celebration of Main Menu. We'll hear part one, of the very first Main Menu show with Jonathan Mosen which was heard on April 10, 2000. Next week, we'll hear part 2, as this was originally a 2 hour show. Remember that in week 4, we'll do a special 2 hour live Main Menu broadcast and your comments about Main Menu over the last 20 years are certainly welcome. You can call in live or record your comments for potential broadcast during that show. Write to us at [email protected]
May 1, 2020

Main Menu 01 May 2020 Happy Birthday with Jonathan Mosen Live

April 10 was literally Main Menu's 20th anniversary on ACB Radio. We salute this outstanding program with a month long celebration. On May 1st, Jonathan Mosen will join us to discuss his memories of Main Menu and ACB Radio. Jonathan was ACB Radio's first director and was responsible for the creation of Main Menu. On May 8 and 15, we'll play the first program in the series which was originally two hours in length. Each will be heard as a one hour program for this celebration. Main Menu Live returns in a two hour celebration for May 22nd and in addition to an interview planned for the first hour, we'll have a round table of past and present Main Menu individuals discussing their Main Menu memories. You will also be invited to participate during the show. It is possible that we may replay the Jonathan Mosen may 1st interview again for May 29th.
April 10, 2020

Main Menu 10 Apr 2020 CSUN 2020 Wrap-up, HW Buddy, tech webinars

CSUN 2020 Wrap-up - Part II Last week, Main Menu presented part 1 of a CSUN technology wrap-up This week, we finish up with part 2. We'll also visit with Peter Tucic, the Brand Ambassador of Humanware. he'll talk about the HW Buddy. John Gassman will talk about weekly technology webinars you can attend, and Jenine Stanley will talk about a very important survey that you should take.
April 3, 2020

Main Menu 03 Apr 2020 CSUN 2020 during the Pandemic

From Larry G: I first attended CSUN beginning in the mid 1990's. but none was so different than the 2020 version which just ended. The Corona Virus was the main talking point at this technology conference and we'll discuss the virus, the conference and eventually get to some of the high points. There is so much to get to that it will spill in to another show which we creatively call CSUN Technology wrap-up Part 2. Join a round table full of technology specialists this week and next as we chat about CSUN 2020. Featured will be Jeff Bishop, Debbie Hazelton, Jason Castonguay, Paul Henrichsen, John Gassman and Larry Gassman.
March 6, 2020

Main Menu 06 Mar 2020 accessible TV's, Toshiba Fire TV

Tune in, turn on, and learn about accessible television sets on this week's Main Menu Hello, Main Menu listeners. Friday night used to be the night when everyone would gather around the TV to watch their favorite shows. If you are looking for an accessible television set, gather your family around your computer to listen to Main Menu, featureing another collaboration between Main Menu and BITS. This week Jeff Bennett will give us a thorough demonstration of the Toshiba fire Tv which is totally accessible and is available from Best Buy and Amazon. He will talk about everything from taking it out of the box to setting it up and showing how to tune in your favorite channels. Jason Castonguay will also give you some submission guidelines for producing your own material for Main Menu.
February 28, 2020

Main Menu 28 Feb 2020 Microsoft Webinar: Excel

Well, I've been accused in the past about not excelling to my full potential. But in this particular case, I've done my job. You'll see this evening when you listen to Main menu hosted by John and Larry Gassman. Recently the ACB affiliate "BITS", joined the Main Menu team. You'll be hearing more from them as time goes on. This evening we look at the last of the Microsoft webinars thus far. It was recorded live in January and we share it with you on Main Menu. So if you've always wanted to know the tips and tricks that have to do with the Excel applications, stay tuned.
February 14, 2020

Main Menu 14 Feb 2020 Narrator in Windows 10, BITS Welcome to Main Menu Team

In this episode, BITS takes the mic and Windows 10 does some narrating! We are so excited to have BITS join with the team to continue bringing you great episodes of Main Menu! Join the first bits/main menu collaboration this week as Richard Villa and Jeff Bishop discuss the features of and updates to narrator in Windows 10. You'll also hear a brief account of how BITS was formed and how you can become a member of this welcoming, thriving affiliate of ACB. We also send kudos to the Main Menu team -- Jenine, Jason, Randy, Paul, Jeff, and Debbie, -- for the quality, time, and effort they contributed so that Main Menu continues to be ACB Radio's flagship program. The team is changing a bit as we welcome BITS to serve with us, but we promise this opens the door in many ways for everyone. You'll see!