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September 29, 2021

20210929 - Main Menu Live - The IRS, and WanderWord, a look at Audio Gaming. 200003.

# The Information Access Committee will talk about how the IRS can help you, followed by a presentation about audio games and other content from Wanderword.
April 29, 2021

Main Menu Live April 28, 2021It's all about getting moving with accessible fitness equipment. Peloton and Concept. 2 devices and On-The-Muv.

# The Main Menu Live team will be discussing accessible fitness equipment. Getting up and getting moving is a theme throughout the year within ACB. In the first hour, Michael and Satauna come to talk with all of us about Peloton and Concept 2 devices. Peloton has some built-in accessibility features that make it easier for a blind cyclist to participate in their fitness classes. We will learn all about their bikes and accompanying software products. Satauna will row in to tell us about getting moving on her rowing machine and other devices that are accessible on the iPhone. In the second hour, we hear all about the On-the-Muv mechanical treadmill.
April 1, 2021

main Menu Live 2021-03-31 IAC Convention Preview and Clubhouse.

Main Menu Live:

Please join us for two hours of technology talk. In the first hour we will talk all things Club House. It is a platform that is changing the culture and shape of how ACB communicates. Come learn more about this platform and the plans for it moving forward. In the second hour we focus on the Information Access Committee and take your questions. We outline all of the activities at the national convention this summer. Come learn about the multiple presentations we will hold and learn more about how the committee can help all of us.

February 25, 2021

main Menu Live 24 Feb 2021 IAC Committee and Shane Lowe from Supersense

Main Menu Live: On this month’s show in the first hour, the information access committee will let you know what’s coming up for the summer convention from the committee. Will bring you the latest assistive technology news and take your questions.

In hour 2, we hear from Shane Lowe from the Supersense team. We learn all about Supersense and Super Lidar.

January 28, 2021

main Menu Live 27 Jan 2021 Saqib Shaikh from Microsoft and Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell of Pneuma Solutions

This month on Main Menu Live we have two fun-filled hours of great technology talk.

In the first hour we bring Saqib Shaikh from Microsoft on to talk with us all about Seeing A I and their new World channel. The Seeing A I team describes this new channel this way: The new World channel, available on devices with a LiDAR scanner running iOS 14, enables you to explore an unfamiliar space in 3D, using spatial audio. When wearing headphones, you will hear objects around you announced from their location in the room. You can also find a particular object by placing an audio beacon on it. Come learn about the other channels that make up Seeing A I and find out all about this new World channel. Download Seeing A I from the iOS App Store. Next we turn to something that all of us have gotten used to in the past year, that being online meetings. In the second hour we hear from Pneuma Solutions, formally Serotek Corporation, with a new product that brings some innovative technology for online meetings, that being Scribe. Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell describe Scribe this way: The Quickest, Most Accurate Digital Document Remediation Product on the Market for as Low as $0.99 per Page. It’s the only hands-off remediation process eliminating individual document quote requests, providing accessible documents straight from your workflow to the end reader in just seconds. This is truly scratching the surface on what their platform is bringing to the accessibility community. Come find out how their product will make Zoom meetings an even stronger platform and an even more inclusive one at that with their Scribe for Meetings solution. What is Scribe for Meetings? As the world continues to move to a virtual environment, you need an affordable solution that guarantees full access to everyone in your audience. The goal is to make the on-screen content in your online meetings and webinars accessible to print-impaired participants in as easy a manner as possible. Come learn more from Mike and Matt as we get updates from their new company.

November 20, 2020

Main Menu Live 18 Nov 2020 Mike Nov 2020 Mike May and Jose from Goodmap

Next, Mike May and Jose join us from Goodmaps. Near by Explorer has been discontinued by APH and a new app is now on the scene for your use. Learn all about the new app and in-door navigation. Is the iPhone 12 something you should consider? Come and find out why it might be due to the new technology it has for us in the mapping space. This month we are honored to bring two companies on who are leading the way in efforts to help us navigate our world. First, Amos Miller and the team from Microsoft join us to discuss with you all about the latest changes in the Soundscape app. Learn how you can virtually explore within the Soundscape app.

October 30, 2020

Main Menu Live 28 Oct 2020 JAWS 2021, Brian Hartgen

Episode Notes

On this month's Main Menu Live, we bring some exciting speakers to you as we learn all about JAWS 2021 and Leasey.

In the first hour, Eric Damery from Freedom Scientific joins us to talk about the brand-new release of JAWS 2021. Come learn more about what is new in this upcoming release of JAWS for Windows 2021 and to get your questions answered.

In the second hour Brian Hartgen joins us to talk all about his products with a focus on Leasey. Leasey has an exciting new feature to allow you to subscribe and listen to podcasts. We will learn about this and so much more when he talks about his products with us on the show!

All of this is brought to you by the Information access Committee.

Main Menu Live can be heard every Wednesday a 8PM and Thursday at 8AM on ACB Radio Mainstream East and West.

October 1, 2020

Main Menu Live 01 Oct 2020 Major Announcements and some Guidance in Your Life

Episode Notes

Coming up this evening on Main Menu Live we have a number of things to talk with all of you about:

Podcasts, Podcasts and more podcasts! Yes, we have exciting things to mention about this space and we will share more at the event! We think all of you will be very excited about the changes! It is all about looking back and looking forward! AIRA returns to Main Menu to bring us updates in the service and how they are helping everyone as we all work and play at home. Is AIRA right for you? Come find out about no promotions and exciting announcements from the AIRA team! The Information Access Committee is now leading the charge for the Main Menu Live program. We bring the team together for all of you to meet them and most importantly we want to hear from all of you about what topics you want covered by the show and committee. Come with your ideas, suggestions and anything else you want to bring to the table for the committee and the show.

Coming up in October on Main Menu Live, Freedom Scientific joins us to talk about the JAWS 2021 release. Spread the word about that!

August 26, 2020

Main Menu 26 Aug 2020 writing and publishing from an accessibility perspective

Main Menu Live is all about writing and publishing from an accessibility perspective! Please join the Main Menu Live team as we talk all about authoring in the digital age. We first welcome the Carroll Center's David Kingsbury who has written two books all about the web and formatting documents in Word. Which browser are you using today and which one should you use? Learn more from David's book "When One Web Browser Is Not Enough: A Guide for Windows Screen Reader Users". We then turn to publishing and the art of producing your content. We talk with David about his book "Format Your Word Documents with JAWS and NVDA: A Guide for Students and Professionals". We also ask David about his process of producing his books to ensure they meet the needs of his audience. While we will be talking about the books in general, the emphasis will be on the authoring process from an accessibility perspective. Is it possible to produce professional looking documents independently? If so, what tools are being used and if not what gaps exist in the publishing process? In the second hour we speak with Michael Feir, the author of "Personal Power; The iOS Edition". We talk about the publishing business from an accessibility perspective. This book was a labor of love for Michael and is published in multiple formats. Is Mark Down something people should consider in their workflow? What about pdf, HTML, iBooks, Daisy formats and other digital formats? We will dive deep into these topics with Michael. Learn this and much more on Main Menu live, heard on August 26th at 8:00 PM Eastern on ACB Radio Mainstream.
June 24, 2020

Main Menu 24 Jun 2020 Larry Skutchan from the American Printing House

Main Menu Live, which aired on Wednesday, June 24, is proud to present Larry Skutchan from the American Printing House for the Blind. Two new braille products are available, or will soon be, from APH, those being the Mantis Q40(tm) and the Chameleon 20(tm). How do these products fit in our lives? Whether you are a professional, a student or just needing a braille device for home and leisure, come and find out if these devices might meet your needs. Come and learn more and get your questions answered directly from the team that lead the effort for both products. How do these displays compare to other offerings in the market and where might they be going in the future? Join the Main Menu Live team and others for a lively discussion. We can't escape this show without talking about the big WWDC announcements about the future of Apple devices. We will clue you in on our first impressions and what we think. To give it away, wait to install the beta <smile>. In addition, we want to hear from you about Main Menu Live. In the second hour we will hear from former hosts of the show and a founding member of ACB Radio. Most importantly, we want to hear from you so please do join us! We want to hear from you about who you would like to see on Main Menu Live or what topics you would like addressed. We will pull back the curtain on the show and fill you in on where we see the show going and how all of you will play a pivotal role in moving it forward.